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Funeral Planning

There are dozens of decisions to be made when arranging a funeral.  Making these decisions today allows you to make logical, thoughtful arrangements your family will appreciate.  The most important reason for making funeral and other estate arrangements is to spare your family this task.

Now, more than ever, it is important to plan ahead.  Dealing with government agencies and insurance benefits can be frustrating and complicated.  For example, did you know that each year millions of dollars in government and insurance benefits go unclaimed?  It's unfortunate that many times the family does not have the information needed to claim benefits.  Planning ahead protects your family's long-term security.

Knowing where to start can help make planning easier.  Although we cannot answer all of your questions here, we can highlight the main steps for you.  As your funeral director, we are able to assist with the details and answer questions you may have about government death benefits and funeral planning.  It's important to plan today.

While most of us have life insurance or funds reserved for retirement, these are intended for the living, not to meet the cost of a funeral.  You may wish to invest in a funeral trust account or final expense insurance policy when making funeral arrangements.  In most situations, funds invested today will be sufficient to cover the total cost of the funeral at the time of need.  Government regulations safeguard your investment so that funds will always be available for your funeral service.

Making funeral arrangements today allows time for you to tend to every detail.  Oftentimes we have special wishes as to where we would like to be buried, who is to receive our personal effects and how we are to be memorialized.  Your family and others who care for you will be assured the arrangements reflect your true wishes, rather than making decisions themselves about what you may have wanted.

Government Benefits Begin your Planning by Organizing Learn More by Investigating Consider your Wishes & Make them Known Frequently Asked Questions
Government Benefits

With the number of revisions in government benefits over the years, it is important for each person to, not only be aware of these changes, but also understand how to protect their benefits.

Social Security: Your Social Security account should be verified periodically to ensure contributions are properly posted.  All benefits must be applied for - payment is not automatic.  Since qualifications vary, we recommend discussing your particular situation with us personally.  Upon death, dependents and survivors may be eligible for certain death benefits such as Death Payments, Survivors' Benefits and Medicare.  Qualifications depend on age, marital status, number of dependents and if employment was under Social Security.

Veterans' Benefits: Because qualifications and benefits vary, we recommend a personal review of your situation.  There are many misconceptions regarding Veterans' death benefits.  Honorably discharged veterans may qualify for cemetery plot and burial allowances, headstone, burial flag and/or a pension for survivors.  These benefits may effect decisions about funeral arrangements.

Medicaid: We can explain the provisions under Federal Title 19 to you.  Few people are aware of the provisions under Federal Title 19 where an individual can shelter funds to serve the family later by providing for funeral arrangements.

Begin your Planning by Organizing

We all have documents and information which others would have trouble locating: military discharge papers, Social Security numbers, bank accounts, safety deposit box keys, insurance policies, relatives' addresses.  All of these items should be organized to be certain everything will be found.  Insurance companies report that life insurance benefits are often unclaimed because survivors were unaware a policy existed.

Learn More by Investigating

Most people are unsure how to secure benefits and to be certain everything will be carried out according to their wishes.  Often people delay making a Will because they feel they have little of value to leave behind.  Your Will is vital to ensure your belongings are properly distributed and to avoid excess taxes on your estate.  A Will allows you to name an executor -- someone whom you are confident will carry out your wishes.  You should have an attorney prepare your Will to be sure legal requirements are met.

Consider your Wishes and Make them Known

No matter what your final wishes, planning in advance permits choices and valuable input from your loved ones.  Some considerations for your funeral service are listed below:

  •  Have you selected a cemetery or memorial location?
  •  Have you prepaid the funeral service?
  •  Are certain religious or fraternal customs to be followed?
  •  Do you wish to have a military service?
  •  Do you prefer a particular charity as recipient of memorial gifts?
  •  Do you wish to name pallbearers?
  •  Do you wish to be buried in particular clothing or jewelry?
  •  Are there any special readings, biblical passages, or musical selections you prefer?
  •  What type of monument or marker do you prefer?

This list is far from complete, but it gives you an idea of the many decisions involved in planning a funeral.  We can assist you in all stages of planning, from completing paperwork to helping and counseling the bereaved.  We retain a complete record of your plans to ensure they are carried out on your behalf.  A funeral trust account or final expense insurance is not a requirement of pre-arrangement, but the benefits merit serious consideration.  Finally, be sure to advise your loved ones of your decisions and the arrangements you have made.  Knowing everything is taken care of will give both you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is a funeral?
The cost of a funeral depends on what you prefer.  There are many services to choose from and a wide selection of caskets, vaults and other memorials.  Advance planning also helps you prepare for the expense and permits you to set aside the funds over a period of time.

What if I move away?
In most cases, your funeral plans may be transferred or cancelled for a full refund if at any time you should move 50 or more miles from our locations. 

What if I die away from home?
If you are traveling or visiting another city when death occurs, your survivors should contact our funeral home immediately.  We will make the necessary arrangements with a funeral home in that location to assist with transfer.

What type of service do most families select?
Most people prefer a traditional funeral.  However, we offer many other choices to make the service meaningful to the family.  Memorial services, special music requests, cremation, military and fraternal tributes are just a few of the options we make available.  We honor any special preferences or requests.


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